Rice Dispencer

>> Apr 11, 2009

In designing extraordinary storage systems to bring innovation and order to the modern home, the Tupperware Rice Dispenser was inspired by Asia's main staple - rice. Rice has traditionally been stored in earthen bins or large clay urns. Daily scooping of rice with cup and contact of rice with moist hands create potential contamination and infestation of weevils.

Now, keep rice fresh with the new Tupperware Rice Dispenser

Product Code: 58086
New Rice Dispencer (1) 10.5 kg
34.9 cm (H) x 26.9 cm (W) x 26.9 cm (L)
Price: RM 288.00
Rice Dispencer
  • First-in-first-out freshness. Rice is filled from the top to ensure old rice is used before new
  • See-through window for clear indication of the remaining level of rice
  • No more spills! Each slide of the drawer dispenses exactly 150g (1 standard cup) of rice
  • Non-slip rubber base. Keeps water out. Fully detachable parts for easy cleaning
Before you decide anything please view video testimony from customer who already used rice dispenser at their home.

So what are you waiting for...Grab one for your home and keep fresh rice every time.


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